Ceramic Pro Auto

Starting at only $300 for Car, Truck, SUV in Myrtle Beach

Let Ceramic Pro Myrtle Beach protect your vehicle with the ultimate in ceramic protection. Ceramic Pro creates an ultra-slick surface that resists water, pollen, dirt and road debris. Making your sweet ride twice as easy to clean while NEVER waxing again.

Ceramic Pro can be applied to both exterior, and interior surfaces. Adding long term value to your hard earned investment. On average, vehicles protected with Ceramic Pro will have paint that lasts longer…

Beautiful Deep Glossy Shine

Rock hard protection with a glossy shine like no other...

Bring back the epic glossy shine! Ceramic Pro will make your paint look even better than ever – as it not only adds a scratch resistant, UV protecting layer of protection… Ceramic Pro Auto also adds a glossy depth to your paint.

You’ll have a show car look, without the hassles of waxing! It would be nearly impossible to ever have a wax look as good as Ceramic Pro. Both new & vintage vehicles can benefit from Ceramic Pro. We recommend that any new car being purchased receives Ceramic Pro…

Long Term Value

Ceramic Pro Auto Carfax Vehicle History

That’s right, Ceramic Pro is on Carfax! Have your vehicle treated with Ceramic Pro Auto (Myrtle Beach) and it’ll appear on your car fax report.

Combining the superior protection of Ceramic Pro and Carfax vehicle history reports – will undoubtedly make your vehicle worth more than unprotected vehicles. Raising the value of your vehicle (should you ever decide to sell). Any vehicle protected with Ceramic Pro will simply be worth more because its exterior and/or interior will be in better condition.

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