Ceramic Pro Boat & Marine

Starting at only $55 per foot in Myrtle Beach

Nothing beats Ceramic Pro when it comes to boat & marine applications. Nearly every surface can be treated with Ceramic Pro, included the hull of your boat! Get serious UV Protection from the sun, while making your boat twice as easy to clean… Best of all, you can get an absolutely free quote today!

Twice as Easy to Clean!

Spend less time cleaning, more time having fun...

Lets face it, nobody likes cleaning their boat! So why not make it twice as easy to clean!? Cleaning a boat or watercraft that has been treated with Ceramic Pro takes less time scrubbing and uses less water! Water resistant, stain resistant, UV blocking, ceramic protection like no other.

Make your Boat Shine!

Ceramic Pro adds a brilliant shine to your boat...

From exterior hull coating to interior metal work. Ceramic Pro Boat can make it all shine like no other. Before applying, we finely polish all surfaces to be treated. This removes small imperfections while creating the perfect starting point. After Ceramic Pro is applied, you’ll be left with a gorgeous, thoroughly protected, polished finish that lasts!

Request a Free Quote Today!

Every Boat &/or Watercraft is as different & unique as its owner. That’s why we offer 100% Free Quotes & Estimates on Ceramic Pro Boat in Myrtle Beach SC. Just fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you with 24 hours (often minutes) with a Free Ceramic Pro Boat Quote.